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Understanding the Emotional Act of Voting
Comment in Nature

Young People, Elections and Europe: Between Hopes and Fears
Presentation in Osnabruck, Germany, November 2016

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UK-EU Referendum Commentary

Did young people bother to vote in the EU referendum?


Recent Media Attention

Michael Bruter and Sarah Harrison “Granting 16 and 17 years olds the right to vote is not a panacea for youth engagement in politics, but it is necessary for democracy
Democratic Audit, September 18th 2015.


Credit: The People Speak!, CC BY 2.0

Michael Bruter “Why the polls got the UK election wrong
Interview for Nature journal, May 8th 2015.

Eri Bertsou “Experts react: Greek referendum
European Politics and Policy Blog, LSE, July 6th 2015.

Inside the polling booth, Greek Referendum July 5th 2015. "Wake up Greek and vote no" crossed over by "yes"

Inside the polling booth, Greek Referendum July 5th 2015. “Wake up Greek and vote no” crossed over by “yes”


Videos and Podcasts

Presentation of the INMIVO project in the Falling Walls Conference, Berlin.

Keynote lecture on European Identity, Young Scholars School.

Lecture on external perceptions of the EU, University of Canterbury.

On the deepening crisis in the Eurozone, LSE Hotseats.


Awards and Distinctions

Our team received the Market Research Society (MRS) award for ‘Best International Research 2013′ for the project ‘Inside the Mind of the Voter’.

Michael Bruter’s work on Electoral Psychology through the ECREP initiative received an honorary mention in the president of the European Research Council, Helga Nowotny ‘s letter on the importance of funding social science research

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