Past Events


Innovations in Electoral Survey Research, LSE November 2014

November 2014 saw the second ECREP event for the year focusing on innovations in electoral survey research. The workshop brought together Professor Sarah Hobolt (LSE, European Institute), the Opinium Research Ltd team, Dr Sarah Harrison (LSE) and Professort Michael Bruter (LSE, Government Department) to present and discuss about innovate survey designs. Professor Hobolt presented innovative aspects in the European Elections Study 2014, the Opinion Research team spoke about their 2015 General election polls series for The Observer, and finally, Professor Bruter and Dr Harrison presented ECREP’s comparative panel study survey in electoral psychology (Michael Bruter and Sarah Harrison). Ample discussion and Q&A followed with all presenters, LSE students and external guests.


Workshop on Political Experiments, LSE March 2014

ECREP’s workshop on Political Experiments held in March 2014, focused on three innovative experiments in political science. It included presentations by Professor Peter John (UCL) on a lottery experiment and voters’ registration, Dr Sophie Lecheler (ECREP, Department of Government, LSE and University of Amsterdam) on a joint experiment on emotive communication and political behaviour, and Dr Sarah Harrison and Dr Michael Bruter (ECREP, Department of Government, LSE) on a visual experiment on what happens inside the polling booth.


Analysing Text and Images in Political Science Research, LSE November 2013

In November 2013 ECREP held a workshop on ‘Analysing Text and Images in Political Science Research’ with Michael Bruter, Sarah Harrison and Natalia Chaban. The speakers initiated a discussion on the challenges they faced in in research projects, such as analysing extreme right party manifestos, analysing media contents on the EU crisis, and studying open-ended survey responses and in-depth interview data in electoral psychology.


Three Conversations with George Lakoff, LSE October 2013

In October 2013 ECREP organised ‘Three Conversations with George Lakoff’, the world-famous linguist. The first conversation, with Dr Sophie Lecheler, focused on the role of emotions in rationality and political behaviour. During the second conversation on Power and Voice, Dr. Shakuntala Banaji asked Professor Lakoff about the role of the media and discussed the ways in which media in US use language to perpetuate specific metaphors and values. In the final conversation, Dr. Michael Bruter and Professor Lakoff conversed about political metaphors and citizens’ role in democracy, bringing up some examples of sport and familial narratives coming out from ECREP’s research.

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