Who We Are


michaelMichael Bruter directs the ECREP initiative and is Professor of Political Science and European Politics in the Department of Government at the LSE. His recent books include Political Science Research Methods in Action (with Martin Lodge) and Citizens of Europe? He leads the ‘Inside the Mind of a Voter’ project, funded by the European Research Council and recently completed the largest ever study on European identity.


SarahSarah Harrison is Assistant Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Government at the LSE and a leading scholar in the ECREP initiative. She specialises in the fields of political psychology, extreme right politics, and youth political behaviour. Her recent books include Mapping Extreme Right Ideology (2011), The Future of our Democracies (2009) both co-authored with Michael Bruter.


SophieSophie Lecheler is Marie Curie Fellow in the ECREP project at the LSE and Assistant Professor in Communication at the Amsterdam School of Communication (ASCoR). She has widely published in the fields of political communication effects, framing, emotions in politics, news processing, and the behavioural effect of political knowledge.


Eri-BertsouEri Bertsou is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Comparative Politics at the University of Zurich and Research Assistant for the ECREP initiative at the LSE. She wrote her PhD thesis on citizens’ distrust of politicians and political institutions, in the Government Department at the London School of Economics . Her research interests include citizen attitudes, political distrust, emotions and their role in political participation and electoral choice.

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